JavaScript engineer

As a JavaScript engineer, you will work on a variety of projects across Belgium. You will be part of the development of large and complex web applications. During the day, you will be busy with back-end development in NodeJS, designing in Figma, working cloud-driven, developing reliable REST APIs, using Agile practices, and so on. Aside from gaining expertise in new technologies, you will also coach and support other colleagues.

What we do 

Wheelhouse consists of a team of developers, each specialized with a wide range of skill sets in web development, design, UX, DevOps,... As consultants, we put our expertise to work for a variety of clients. We are part of a larger business group named Raccoons, which means you will come into contact with technologies such as artificial intelligence, edge computing, chatbots, and so much more. Wheelhouse is a place where you will truly be nurtured to become the best version of yourself.

When it comes to your projects, we strive for the perfect match between you as a developer and the client who's in need of expertise. These projects can take a few weeks or months, depending on what type of projects you like to do. Our main focus is helping each other grow by coaching, sharing experiences, learning, and of course, developing web applications.


Your foundations

Is this right in your Wheelhouse?

  • You have great analytical skills and always find the right way to solve any problem
  • You love programming and finding solutions to technical issues
  • You have experience with Javascript
  • You know at least one framework: React, Vue, Angular,... Which framework doesn't matter, as long you understand the underlying principles
  • You can understand Dutch and can speak English fluently
  • Nice to have: an eye for UX and design

What the house offers

  • Competitive salary with extralegal benefits (insurance, pension plan, car, fuel card, Internet and mobile data plan)
  • A Macbook Pro or equivalent laptop
  • Your own cartoon and drawing from our cartoonist (check our Instagram!)
  • An open-minded environment making time for your personal and professional growth
  • Training days
  • Flexible working hours
  • Free lunch and a supply of coffee, fruits, and candy
  • Fun team activities and after-work events
  • Hybrid working (with an electric desk, ergonomic chair and second monitor) and a good work/life balance

Hey, you!

Talent goes beyond any label. For us, your gender identity, sexuality, nationality, religion, or any other label make no difference. At Wheelhouse, we care about who you are and what you can do.

Did you know that research proved male candidates apply for a job when they check off 60% of the requirements, whereas women need to recognize themselves 100% in the job before even considering it? So, dear job seeker, ignore the qualifications, and let’s see if we are a good match.

Working atmosphere
Working atmosphere
Working atmosphere
Working atmosphere
Working atmosphere
Working atmosphere
Working atmosphere
Working atmosphere
Working atmosphere
Working atmosphere
Working atmosphere
Working atmosphere

Do we have your attention?

Have you seen this cat?

We decided to make our website source code public. We also try to make our entire team use it as a playground and contribute to make the website reflect who we really are.

Or take a look at the projects from our wheelies

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