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Want to join our team, but couldn't find the right job opportunity? Let's have a chat to figure out what we can do for each other.

Your perks

  • Competitive salary with extralegal benefits (insurance, pension plan, car, fuel card, Internet and mobile data plan)
  • A Macbook Pro or equivalent laptop
  • An open-minded environment making time for your personal and professional growth
  • Flexible working hours
  • Free lunch and a supply of coffee, fruits, and candy
  • Fun team activities and after-work events
  • Hybrid working (with an electric desk, ergonomic chair and second monitor) and a good work/life balance

Our approach

At Wheelhouse, we work alongside our clients and as part of the Raccoons Group we turn innovative ideas into reality. Our full stack software engineering expertise, UI/UX design and cross-functional collaboration make us the perfect partner for your project.

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Collaboration Culture

Our team of skilled software engineers and designers collaborate closely to ensure effective communication and a balance between functionality and aesthetics.

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Design-Driven Approach

Designers and engineers work hand in hand to solve complex design challenges and create meaningful user experiences.

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Agile Mindset

Our team embraces an agile mindset with daily stand up meetings, Agile methodologies and an ever-improving work culture.

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