It's time for our 5 November picks

4 Nov 2020 · 1 min read

Each month we pick 1 thing we found very interesting and put it into a list. This list might give you some insight in how Wheelhouse thinks and what intrigues us. This time we're sharing our picks for November.

  1. Figma - Website Wireframing (Streamlined)

    Author: Karl Rombauts

    I love using Figma, but I am still looking for a good workflow while making designs. This video inspired me with some great component ideas to make wireframes or designs faster.

  2. World vegan day

    The 1ste of November was world vegan day. There are many initiatives that promote the vegan lifestyle in November. There is a general consensus in the scientific community that switching to a mostly plant-based diet is a necessary step in the fight against climate change.


    A long long time ago I used Notion, but it didn't work out at the time. Now I've been using Bear App as a main note taking app. I do miss a few features like being able to put a reminder on notes or put it on a calendar. So I took another look at Notion and now I can't look back.

  4. Socratic

    Socratic was built to support Science, Math, Literature, Social Studies, and more. With help from teachers, Socratic brings you visual explanations of important concepts in each subject.

  5. GIFS and prefers-reduced-motion

    Rather than entirely stopping the GIF, you can put animated and non-animated images on top of each other (inside a <details> element) and allow them to be “played” on demand.

Written byWheelhouse

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