Our 5 October picks

5 Oct 2020 · 1 min read

Each month we pick 1 thing we found very interesting and put it into a list. This list might give you some insight in how Wheelhouse thinks and what intrigues us. This time we're sharing our picks for october.

  1. markup

    MarkUp lets you collect feedback directly on your live website or any image.

  2. Snapchat anime filter

    My pick of the month is going to be the snapchat anime filter. It's really impressive how it works and you can still recognize yourself. As a weeb myself I totally approve this filter!

  3. The 7 habits of highly effective people - animated book summary

    Author: Stephen Covey

    The book as is, is a recommendation on its own. So if you're more of a book person: go ahead and give it a read, but if you just want to know what it's about or want a quick summary the video is a really nice watch.

  4. Eleventy and Vue, a match made to power Netlify.com

    Netlify talks about how they made their new website.

  5. Java Vert.x Starter Guide - Part 1

    On his new assignment, Roel's client works with Vert.X as their backend framework. This guide helped him get a good understanding of what Vert.X is about.

Written byWheelhouse

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