Our April picks

1 Apr 2021 · 1 min read

We've already had April Fools' Day and Easter, so yeah, we'll spend this time celebrating our top picks. Each month, we each pick one thing we love and put it into a list. This list might give you some insight into how our brains work, what we use on a daily basis and what intrigues us.

  1. Into Design Systems 2021

    In March, I participated in the "Into Design Systems" online conference. The conference handles topics on designing, creating systems, and UX. I definitely learned more about Design System principles, such as accessibility. There will be a follow-up conference in September, so stay tuned!

  2. The importance of Changelogs

    I have recently used vue-markdown-loader to load a CHANGELOG.md file directly into the app. It turned out that some users in the app wanted to follow up on the process taking place. Not only should most projects already have a changelog and a release system, it should be very easy to include a changelog somewhere in the application.

  3. The worst best practice

    I remember blindly following this "best practice" before. This article was a welcome wake-up call for me. Remember to keep your systems updated!

  4. Git-tower

    I've always been a visual minded person and having a git GUI with this much power is amazing.

  5. TailwindCSS' JIT compiler

    TailwindCSS Just-In-Time (JIT) compiler is out! Instead of generating a massive CSS file in development, the JIT compiler compiles all of your CSS on-demand as you author your files. 🚀

See you next month, with more picks, of course!

Written byWheelhouse

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