The 5 Wheelhouse picks going into september

3 Sep 2020 · 1 min read

These are some links that we found the most interesting going into september. Each month we pick 1 thing we found very interesting and put it into a list. This list might give you some insight in how Wheelhouse thinks and what intrigues us.

  1. Layout shift gif generator

    Author: defaced

    Easily identify problematic layout shifts in the viewport on mobile and desktop. Available as a simple command line tool, or as an online tool. With layout shifting now negatively impacts search results, this resource is very useful.

  2. mmmhmm

    Author: mmhmm inc.

    Thanks to COVID-19, all Wheelhouse employees are working from home. This makes video calls a daily thing. Personally, we like how we are rethinking our way of working in a team. However, there are some downsides when working remotely. One main issue is presenting or pitching in a Zoom call. In a presentation, the presenter is usually supported by their slides. In a video conference, everyone is just looking at the slides and this way, you lose a lot of non-verbal communication. This is where mmhmm comes into the picture. mmhmm created an application where you can bring that presenting magic back. By combining your webcam video with your screen, you can decide how big or small one or the other is. You can even collaborate with other people as well, so they can continue their part of the presentation with the same slides without having to switch screens. Essentially, you can have total control over how your presentation is perceived.

  3. The Greenland ice sheet has melted past the point of no return

    Author: The economist

    We all live on the same planet. We should take care of it and it seems like this article is proving again and again that we aren't. This article is yet another reminder that we really need to start taking meaningful action if we aren't already. It's an interesting read.

  4. Beautiful chords (everyone should know)

    Author: Paul Davids

    Paul Davids is a guitar teacher. With this video he introduces some patterns that are really nice to know and helped improving my guitar skills.

  5. Variable fonts best tips

    Author: Developerdrive staff

    Animations which include changes in typography and appearance are heavily underrated!

Written byWheelhouse

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