Feeling at home

Our door is always open to new enthusiastic colleagues. We welcome you to a fun family where everyone feels comfortable and supports each other. Our passionate team will gladly guide you through Wheelhouse!

We are

Our talent pool

Aagje Reynders loves creating new things: UI's at work, cosplays at home.
Daren Malfait brings front-end to life and tries to stay healthy with exercise.
Rafaël Mindreau loves experimenting and beautiful interfaces, music and food too.
Olivier De Wit is founder and only has 301 kids to take care of.
Ward Poel is a full-stack developer that kicks your ass in ping-pong
Roel Goossens has a passion for creating, be it on the workbench, in the kitchen or in his IDE.

Do you want to join us?

We improve the quality of our service and solutions by continuously focusing on improvement. We carefully analyse and monitor all projects while our team is trained to keep up-to-date with the latest technologies. At Wheelhouse, we help you develop your talents so that you can build a high-quality career path.

What we do

  • Think about UX
  • Coach and code
  • Love clean code
  • Bring added value with design
  • Make existing teams stronger
  • Turn spaghetti into code

What we don't do

  • Make false promises
  • Give up
  • Make plans for world domination
  • Quick and dirty
  • Prototyping
  • Leave unfinished burgers behind