Aagje Reynders

Aagje Reynders loves creating new things: UI's at work, cosplays at home.

Aagje Reynders is a front-end developer at Wheelhouse


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Describe yourself using only emojis:


What's your favourite anime?

Jojo Bizarre Adventure

What's your most challenging cosplay?

Aagje Cosplay

Why did you start coding?

When I was 14 years old, I played this Runescape remake with friends and met the person who made it, I was really interested in how he managed to code it. So I started to look things up and learned myself how to program.

Fun fact:

As a kid I was really impressed how my father could “talk to computers”. Thats how he explained me what he was doing. Little did I know that he was just using Command prompt. Not as exciting as I remember it was!

My desk layout

Aagjes Desk layout

Latest recommendations

  1. Meditation

    Last year my main goal was to gain more confidence, which was definitely a challenge, but I managed to do so anyway. So this year, I will learn to unwind and relax more by doing daily meditation exercises!

  2. Office chair

    I'm in need of a new office chair, but there are so many colors, sizes, styles,... I find it hard to decide which one is ergonomic and comfortable, but at the same time doesn't take a lot of space like the gaming chair I have now. Why are desk chairs so expensive?

  3. Vinted

    I started selling stuff on Vinted this month and I am blown away by how easy it is. Vinted takes care of all shipping and payment, so you don't have to figure out how much the shipping costs will be and if you ever will receive the payment from the buyer. The buyer pays the price or makes an offer. After this is accepted, Vinted will keep the money until the package arrives safe and well. Just make sure you have some good boxes to ship it!

    It's also international, so you aren't limited to buyers in your country. It's incredible to give products a second life while still getting some money for it (without too much of a burden like selling on FaceBook or 2dehands.be).

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