Daren Malfait brings front-end to life and tries to stay healthy with exercise..

Daren Malfait is a Senior front-end developer at Wheelhouse

Over the years, Daren has done projects for a multitude of companies ranging from small to big. That way he learned a lot in a small amount of time. Now there is nothing he rather does than share his knowledge so the web becomes a better place.

He finds it important that a user comes first. If the user has a nice experience it will automatically result in whatever the applications goal is. On top of that the user will feel good about it. As a front-end developer it’s your goal to make that as smooth as possible.


To get to know who we are and what kind of person we are, we ask a few questions. Here are the questions and answers of Daren Malfait

Describe yourself using only emojis


What does your desk look like?

  1. My macbook pro: it's my workhorse
  2. Input devices: I use a wireless apple keyboard and mainly the magic trackpad. Sometimes I use the magic mouse when I feel more like clicking than tapping.
  3. My main display: Not much to add here. I tend to only use one display at a time. That way my focus stays on the one thing. I use multiple if I'm actively comparing code.
  4. My wireless headphones
  5. My phone on a wireless Qi charger
  6. Raspberry pi: I use my raspberry pi for a multitude of stuff. It's amazing!

Why do you prefer front-end over back-end?

I love writing code, but I also love design and UX. As a front-end developer I usually get the chance to get the best of both worlds.

What podcasts are you currently listening to?

  • No such thing as a fish
  • Reply All
  • Syntax
  • Nerdland
  • Front-end Happy Hour
  • 99% Invisible

Latest recommendations

  1. Chocolatey

    Last month I built myself a new gaming pc and chocolatey was a big help to reinstall all my applications. It's a package manager (like npm), but for windows.

  2. Epic React

    This month I got introduced to Epic React. Wheelhouse gave me the opportunity to give it a try and holy it's amazing!

  3. Notion.so

    A long long time ago I used Notion, but it didn't work out at the time. Now I've been using Bear App as a main note taking app. I do miss a few features like being able to put a reminder on notes or put it on a calendar. So I took another look at Notion and now I can't look back.

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Daren Malfait brings front-end to life and tries to stay healthy with exercise.
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