Jasper Vermeulen

Jasper Vermeulen is the developer with the cleanest desk you've ever seen.

Jasper Vermeulen is a Junior JavaScript Engineer at Wheelhouse

I’m Jasper, I am a digital designer and developer. I’m very interested in JavaScript and all the frameworks behind it, that’s why I joined Wheelhouse. During summer, you can find me on summer camps with Kazou.


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What's on your desk?

The cleanest desk you've ever seen

Describe yourself using only emojis


What's the best place you've traveled to?

During high school, I went on an exchange program to China, Beijing. I was in China for around 10 days and during those days I made connections and experiences that will last forever, one of the coolest periods of my life. As soon as I can, I’ll go back to the other side of the world!

A book you're currently reading

Currently, I’m reading ‘Atomic Habits’ by James Clear, a book that teaches you how to design habits that are for you rather than against you. It’s funny: I need to make a habit of reading more but how can I ‘design’ the habit if I don’t read more and don't finish the book. 🤨

Fun fact?

I’m a dog person, my best friend is my dog!

The cutest dog you've ever seen

Latest recommendations

  1. Sam Selikoff

    Sam is a JavaScript developer who experiments with frameworks, libraries, ... and blogs/talks about it on his website, twitter or YouTube. Lately he has been experimenting with Framer Motion, very interesting and educational.

  2. Bionic Reading

    Recently i stumbled upon Bionic Reading and found it pretty interesting, this way of reading revises texts so that the most concise parts of words are highlighted. This guides the eye over the text and the brain remembers previously learned words more quickly. I thought about how you may implement this on the web when handling long sections of text, because everybody knows users don’t read text when it’s long and boring.

    Example bionic reading

  3. Flow

    When designing prototypes, wireframes or just experimenting, I find it often hard to come up with copy text, definitely when you are just building out a wireframe or just testing something. Instead of just using Lorem Ipsum I now use Flow: a typeface build for visually improving your non-existing copy. I like it a lot because it looks better when presenting your prototype or when showcasing it.

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