Olivier De Wit

Olivier De Wit is founder and only has 301 kids to take care of.

Olivier De Wit is a Founder at Wheelhouse


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What do you like the most about your job?

It is a cliché, yet the absolute truth that working with people gives so much energy and is therefore my number 1 motivator.

What does your average day look like?

I am usually woken up (stamped around my bed) at 7am by my 3 lovely children. Around 8.30 am, I drive my kids to school, after a hilarious 'rush to school' ritual. The peace and quiet at home (Corona, you know) returns around 8.45am, where I start my working day. Reading and responding e-mails, virtually interviewing future Wheelies, making presentations, doing 1-1’s, attend project meetings, writing marketing content and sales offers are my most recurring tasks during work. Usually, I try to pick up the kids around 5u30pm, where the 'rush to bed' ritual begins. The comforting sound of sleeping children provides time for leisure, which often translates into playing the silent piano, or guitar.

This photo reflects my passion:

Olivier guitars

Must read.

The 7 habits of highly effective people is in my opinion a must read for everyone who wants to reflect about daily life

Most useless fact:

I don't like dogs.

Latest recommendations

  1. Young ICT Lady of the Year 2023 award for Aagje

    This year, I would love to see our very own Aagje Reynders win Young ICT Lady of the Year by DataNews. You can still help her by voting via https://shegoesict.be. Go Aagje!

  2. JSValley

    Time for some shameless self-promotion! My pick for this month is JSValley — a meetup for JavaScript developers in Belgium. For this month’s edition, Wheelhouse is hosting the meetup at our headquarters in Leuven on October 19th. Our JavaScript Engineer Ward Poel will give an introduction to Vite; Brecht Carlier (Intigriti) will talk about secure web sessions. If you want to gain some insights and meet up with other JS developers, this is the place to be. You can still register for our event, but be quick!

  3. An unorthodox guide to making things worth making

    Author: Tony Fadell

    I’m reading build: an unorthodox guide to making things worth making by Tony Fadell. Tony has years of experience at Apple and is one of the founders of Nest: learning thermostat. This book is everything Tony has learned, every explosive failure, every unexpected success, every team he’s built and the product he’s dreamed up. This book is a must-read for almost everyone tech-related: designers, developers, and product engineers.

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