Rafaël Mindreau loves experimenting and beautiful interfaces, music and food too..

Rafaël Mindreau is a full-stack developer at Wheelhouse


To get to know who we are and what kind of person we are, we ask a few questions. Here are the questions and answers of Rafaël Mindreau

What does your average day look like?

Wake up variably at around 8 AM, ready in 30 mins. Make myself a coffee, eating some breakfast (can’t do without it). I will take the time to schedule my day work-wise and see if there’s any calls. Lunch around 1 PM. Since Corona I usually mix my work with everyday tasks like groceries and barbers. Around 5-6 PM I study some music. The rest of the evening I work on one of my crazy non-code projects, or watch some series.

What do you like most about your job?

I like the variety and autonomy.

Why are you Full-Stack Consultant?

I don’t consider myself specifically specialised in either Front- or Back-end. I like to see the bigger picture in projects, and as a full-stack engineer you get to see all sides of this bigger picture.

What’s your most useless talent

Really good at driving backwards in bumper-cars. You won’t expect me reversing into you!

What’s your craziest invention?

My HelloFresh synthesizer, even though I’m sure the guys at HelloFresh don’t have a clue.

Would you rather be deaf or blind?

Blind, I’m already blind, lol. Deafness would really mean the end of my life.

Most influential album you’ve listened to

Boards Of Canada - The Campfire Headphase

Latest recommendations

  1. The importance of Changelogs

    I have recently used vue-markdown-loader to load a CHANGELOG.md file directly into the app. It turned out that some users in the app wanted to follow up on the process taking place. Not only should most projects already have a changelog and a release system, it should be very easy to include a changelog somewhere in the application.

  2. Lichess

    Lichess is an open-source alternative to chess.com. I started playing chess after watching The Queen's Gambit. What a drop-dead cliché! Still, I'll beat all of your asses one day, just wait for it! 😤 Okay, probably not, but I've come to really appreciate the game's versatility and various situations. By the way, I have always admired how ancient the game really is.

  3. Sequel Pro

    I was looking for a good DB viewer. First, I was using DBeaver for quite some time, but its user-friendliness (or lack thereof) had me looking for alternatives. For instance, there's DataGrip, which is a paid software many people tend to use. Luckily, I stumbled upon Sequel Pro, an open-source tool with a little extra elegancy.

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Rafaël Mindreau loves experimenting and beautiful interfaces, music and food too.
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