Rafaël Mindreau

Rafaël Mindreau loves experimenting and beautiful interfaces, music and food too.

Rafaël Mindreau is a full-stack developer at Wheelhouse


To get to know who we are and what kind of person we are, we ask a few questions. Here are the questions and answers of Rafaël Mindreau

What does your average day look like?

Wake up variably at around 8 AM, ready in 30 mins. Make myself a coffee, eating some breakfast (can’t do without it). I will take the time to schedule my day work-wise and see if there’s any calls. Lunch around 1 PM. Since Corona I usually mix my work with everyday tasks like groceries and barbers. Around 5-6 PM I study some music. The rest of the evening I work on one of my crazy non-code projects, or watch some series.

What do you like most about your job?

I like the variety and autonomy.

Why are you Full-Stack Consultant?

I don’t consider myself specifically specialised in either Front- or Back-end. I like to see the bigger picture in projects, and as a full-stack engineer you get to see all sides of this bigger picture.

What’s your most useless talent

Really good at driving backwards in bumper-cars. You won’t expect me reversing into you!

What’s your craziest invention?


My HelloFresh synthesizer, even though I’m sure the guys at HelloFresh don’t have a clue.

Would you rather be deaf or blind?

Blind, I’m already blind, lol. Deafness would really mean the end of my life.

Most influential album you’ve listened to

Boards Of Canada - The Campfire Headphase

Latest recommendations

  1. Nuclear Fusion Breakthrough

    The breakthrough in fusion is perhaps the best Christmas gift you could have ever hoped for, but you don't realize this yet!

  2. Music For Programming

    For literally years, I've been following Datassette's collection of Music For Programming sets. You'd think this is music for any programmer, but strangely enough this is a collection of out-of-the-box - mainly ambient - sets that are actually just my thing.

    I might have posted about this before, but recently it has been redesigned and I kind of like the aesthetic of it. It also includes an actual working ASCII spectrum analyser.

    These podcasts have been around since 2009 and are not everyone's pick. Still, includes some pretty impressive selections that - at least to me - are starting to attain a legendary status.

  3. The Right Brain and the Unconscious

    Author: Dr. R. Joseph

    Book: The right brain and the unconcious

    I don't read enough, but when I do, it needs to really motivate me to keep on reading. This book has quite possibly changed my way of thinking entirely on human behaviour and understanding much better how the right brain - or what most people refer to as the unconsciousness - works. It is a psychological and neurological journey through the brain, and explains many aspects of our growth and lives in great detail. You needn't any prior knowledge, yet this book manages to teach you A LOT about the brain and behavioural psychology. Thanks to this book I've managed to understand myself and my focus a lot better while playing difficult music on piano and violin.

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