Roel Goossens

Roel Goossens has a passion for creating, be it on the workbench, in the kitchen or in his IDE.

Roel Goossens is a full-stack developer at Wheelhouse


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My biggest weakness

Bedtime revenge procrastination

Fave instant noodles

Favourite instant noodles

Best boy

Why are you a developer

I'm lazy and impatient.

Latest recommendations

  1. Celestial Space Cowboy decoration, ducks, or a projector

    I just moved to a new apartment. I picked theme for my bedroom and I'm looking for decoration. The theme is celestial space cowboy. And ducks. I'd also like a projector. Thanks, Santa!

  2. openapi-client-axios

    You don't have to implement your own client when integrating with an API that provides OpenAPI documentation.


    During the Gentse feesten I had a great time at Boomtown. I particularly liked the closing act of the free stage. Carista performed an amazing mix of genres that really got me moving. I really needed a good party and she delivered!

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