Wout Salembier

Wout Salembier is a developer who's eager to learn new things.

Wout Salembier is a Junior JavaScript Engineer at Wheelhouse


To get to know who we are and what kind of person we are, we ask a few questions. Here are the questions and answers of Wout Salembier

What’s the best place you’ve traveled to?

This had to be Malgrat de Mar in Spain. Everything was on point. Definitely would recommend it!

Malgrat de Mar

What's your favorite movie?

This has to be Blade Runner 2049. Just watch it!

Why are you a developer?

In my early high school days, I found a way to code things that can make my life easier. I was immediately hooked on the fact of writing something and seeing it (a)live on my screen.

Which three items would you take with you to a deserted island?

  1. My phone to get help of course
  2. Instructions on how to make a ship
  3. A first aid kit for when accidents happen

What is inside your gaming rig?


MEM: 32GB 3200MHz


Game computer

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Latest recommendations

  1. Fewer things online, more in person

    Before Covid-19, I used to go out and loved to go to places with my friends. However, the pandemic changed that. Now I only stay inside and do activities online with my friends. Hopefully, I can do things again with my friends soon. In addition, I hope to see my friends who aren't as active online. I really want to escape my trap of being inside all day. So for this year, I want to do fewer things online and do more in person.

  2. Nike Air Max 97/1 Sean Wotherspoon

    This is one of my dream sneakers: the winner of the Air Max Day 2018. The shoe tells the story that Sean had in mind when he moved to LA. It has a lot of cool little easter eggs. For instance, when you put the shoe on, you will see a smiley face. Or the waves of the see when you pull your shoe up. If want to know more, read the article!

  3. radiooooo

    Let yourself get carried away by a beautiful musical collection that takes you on a journey around the world through different decades. Users can choose a decade anytime from 1900 until today. It’s basically a musical time machine but in your browser. 🎼

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