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About wheel­house

We are a team of passionate JavaScript developers, working together to exchange our expertise with our customers by delivering digital software products. We are strong believers of cultivating a culture of supportive learning and knowledge exchange.

We provide technical design and development of unique web applications for a variety of customers. We guide your organization from front-end to back-end. More specifically, we design a middleware architecture that fully fits the needs of your application through front-end frameworks and back-end technologies.

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We are looking for new colleagues in different disciplines. Are you our next team member?


We are a bunch of people with a major common javascript passion.


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One year of Wheelhouse picks

You know the drill! This time, however, we have got the biggest amount of top picks ever 🥳

6 Oct 2021 · 1 min read

Javascript expertise

Wheelhouse works alongside your team to help strengthen your business. We share our knowledge to help your project go to the next level.

Have you seen this cat?

We decided to make our website source code public. We also try to make our entire team use it as a playground and contribute to make the website reflect who we really are.